Snow & Ice – FAQ

Q:  Do you have insurance?

A:  Yes, we carry a $2,000,000 general liability policy to cover any damages to persons or property and all our staff are covered by the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board.

Q:  Can I see a sample of your contract?

A:  A copy of our residential contract is available on our website.

Q:  I have an interlock driveway an am worried that a snow plow may damage the interlock. Is my only option to clear the driveway myself?

A:  It is true that snow plows can cause minor scrapes and scratches in interlock, concrete or asphalt. If you are concerned with this minor wear and tear, we offer a snow CLEARING service where a crew with 2 snow blowers will clear your driveway. Clearing snow is a little more costly then plowing but will give you exceptional results every time.

Q:  It snowed last night, why didn’t you come and clear my driveway?

A:  Rest assured that we didn’t forget you. If we didn’t make a service call it is either that your driveway was obstructed by something (often a parked car), or that there was less than 4cm of accumulation (according to Environment Canada for your location).

Q:  Will you come back the next day to clear my driveway if my car was in the way?

A:  Yes, but only if we are also coming to clean up after the street plows.

Q:  When will you clear my driveway?

A:  Your driveway will be cleared within 6 hours of the snowfall ending, however during storm conditions; we plow continuously so you will see us multiple times during the storm.

Q:  Why was my driveway cleared but not my sidewalk?

A:  In storm conditions when we are expecting to clear your driveway multiple times, we will only clear your walkways on our final visit.

Q:  Do you come back to clear the windrow at the bottom of my driveway that the street plows leave behind?

A:  Yes, we come back once, approximately 12 hours after we clear your driveway to take care of the mess that the street plows leave behind.

Q:  My driveway is covered with ice, do you spread salt?

A:  We spread salt as well as other de-icing chemicals at your request for an additional fee.

Q:  When do I have to pay for your services?

A:  An initial payment of 50% of the contract price is due on signing the contract. The remaining 50% is due January 15, 2010.

Q:  Do you offer any referral discounts?

A:  Yes, for any one you refer who signs a seasonal contract that are within a 1000 foot radius of your property you will receive either a pair of tickets to Canada Blooms (valued at $36) or a $20 Tim Horton’s Gift Card.

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