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A big renovation… in my own backyard!

October 11th, 2010
It was a project long overdue. My own backyard had been horribly neglected since we purchased the house 2 years earlier. The only existing features were a wood deck (slightly rotten) but only large enough for a BBQ and 4 chairs, but no table.  A small aluminium shed filled the side yard but was so low that water drains into it every time it rains.  A dead sour cherry tree is a horrible eyesore and detracts from the existing pear tree and large Serbian spruce.  The lawn was a mess, with more weeds than grass, likely due to the poor quality of the topsoil.  Although not as noticeable to the untrained eye, there are also major drainage problems in the yard causing water to pool near the foundation and the sump pump to run frequently.