Landscape Lighting

January 7th, 2010 by Ryan Leave a reply »

With the holiday season sadly behind us, many of us are packing up decorations and putting our large pine scented ornament to the curb for pickup. The last thing many of us are thinking about is our landscaping. It’s often hard this time of year to even see much of our property since it may be dark when we leave our house in the morning as well as in the evening when we return. This time of year, it would certainly be much easier to appreciate the landscaping on your property (as well as increase the safety around your home) with the addition of a landscape lighting system. Landscape lighting is great in the summer, providing a warm glow and extending the use of your outdoor spaces later into the evening, but it can also be quite beautiful in the winter, illuminating the snow covered branches of an ornamental tree. Even if you are unsure of the potential benefits of having a lighting system installed, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free lighting demonstration on your property.

We are happy to offer free lighting demonstration for all our existing customers. A lighting demo involves a temporary installation of a transformer and light fixtures. All wires are left exposed and fixtures are installed in the ground or temporarily hung where needed. The demonstration will included different types of fixtures such as up lights, down lights, path lights and wall washes. In some situations we will also setup different style fixtures such as copper, stainless and black path light fixtures. You decide on the area you are most interested in lighting (front yard, side yard, and backyard) and we setup a demonstration using the appropriate fixtures to create different lighting effects. You will have the opportunity to see the lights in action for at least 2 nights before we come to take the demonstration down. You will realize very quickly that certain fixtures and certain effects will be very functional in your space and bring out the beauty of your landscape at night.

Most of the fixtures we install are solid metal fixtures made of copper, bronze or stainless steel and come with 10 year warrantees. Depending on the lamp used in each fixture, low voltage will typically use about a quarter of the energy that a typical hardwired fixture would. Also, low voltage installations are much safer than hardwired installations because the elimination of any chance of electrocution. Functionally and esthetically, low voltage fixtures reduce or eliminate the problems associated with the glare caused by larger hardwired installations since the lamps are hidden and generally provide indirect light that doesn’t washout the entire landscape.

From your preferences we can prepare a quote giving you the Good/Better/Best options based on your needs. The lighting demonstration is a no obligation, free service we offer to our clients. But be warned, once you and your family live with the benefits of landscape lighting for a few days, you’ll wonder how you got by without it.

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